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Thread: Hey Denny ....need some advice.

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    dont kid your self....just be patient and do alot of searching. you can have basically the strongest t56 till the tr6060 came out....just look for the viper spec t56....i ended up finding mine on ebay from a guy in it $1440 shipped to me in texas, low mileage and great condition. then just go with the quicktime will never have a clutch go thru that thing....i even think the viper/ chally dual disc clutch might fit in those housings....MIGHT...i havent found the full specs on them...and not sure what size flywheel the chally uses.

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    The only thing I don't like about the challenger 6060 is the remote linkage. It makes for a funky feel. I've never driven one with a good aftermarket shifter though

    let me try, im a genius

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