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Thread: How to lower a 4X4?

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    I do not know about the 2004's, but I know that for my 06 ram the 2wd spindles still work for the 4x4 trucks. Hub bearing mount is exactly the same, I believe that the only difference was the small opening under the Hub Bearing mount that needed massaged on occasion. I've heard some people do direct swaps no issue, but some have to take a flapper disk to that portion to clearance the LCA.

    As far as the T-Case problems are concerned, I'm glad it was mentioned so I can do some research on this. I've never even heard this mentioned. I only have 3.5" left before CV hits frame rail, but I have 6.5" from tire to fender. I'm curious as to how much lower I can go before I do anything drastic. But any potential tcase issues will stop me dead in my tracks.

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    Oh and by the way, I have the IFS on my dodge. So when lowering, my front driveshaft will not see any strenuous angle changes at the TCase that may cause issues because the front differential is mounted in conjuction with the motor mounts and frame.

    So if you have IFS, you're all set. If not, I can't see a solid front axle getting too low. Frame to axle distance is already small, and I believe the Differential to oil pan difference is even smaller at stock height. Still far enough away to allow suspension travel, but any lower I think would cause some issues.

    It's been almost a year since I had my 98 4x4 so my assumptions of distances underneath may be wrong. Plus, I've never been under a solid front axle 3rd gen ram. But I figure some ideas as to what to look for is better than none

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