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Thread: HPTuners.... finally!!!

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    My car loves hptuners it makes diablow look like garbage
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    Quote Originally Posted by coley 1334 View Post
    I just read this whole thread. Been lurking a lot lately. From what I gather if I buy the hp tuners 6013 vcm suite. I can data log and have someone who knows wth they are doin tune. My truck for the srt max heads and 6.1 intake? Cuz if so sign me up. I been waiting for years for this to be on the shelf for hemi guys Even if I have to drive to Houston for a weekend to get it tuned that's still worth it.

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    How many 3rd gen Hemi Rams have done HP tuners?
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    not many would be my guess, lol

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    I have tuned 23 3rd Gen Rams with HP Tuner, not a large number but it does work well on them. Diablo still is the more popular choice, of which I can't even count. Hundreds upon hundreds tuned with Diablosport

    HPTuners has few advantages on most 3rd Gen's and in some cases less due to no trans tuning for 06 or older.
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